National Festival To Begin From 19th August 2012

BMW Cars

The official BMW Car Club GB will be celebrating its 60th anniversary on 19th August 2012.  The Club, which provides products services and events in order to enhance the enjoyment, value and experience to its members achieve from the sale of their cars, are planning to hold a number of events in order to help celebrate this landmark achievement.

One such event to feature will be the first UK Z-Fest. The Club will be holding an event for 500 Zeds at Silverstone Classic from 20 – 22 July, with the main event being held on Saturday the 21st July. Zed specialists and other awesome attractions will be on display. However, the main highlight of the day will be a parade lap of the GP circuit for all the assembled Zeds.

Both members and non members of the club as well as the drivers of any BMW users are welcome to join the Club on their display in the infield, but this year they had wanted to do something special to mark the anniversary.
In order to achieve their celebration program they are approaching 50,000 Zeds registered in the UK. At the Z Fest all the Zed models will be on display starting from the rare and collectable Z1, to the classic styled Z3 which was produced from 1996 to 2002 which is still a common sight on the roads with 21,000 still on DVLA’s books. Of course the stylish Z4 will be on display too. Production of these models began in 2003 and continues today with approaching 30,000 being registered in the UK. Also on display will be the famous James Bond featured Z8. Only 99 of these 1999 to 2003 cars are registered in the UK.

The Club members as well as specialist forums are already backing the event and planning a wide variety of cruises and convoys to the Silverstone circuit. It is certainly a special occasion for the Z enthusiasts both in the UK and on the continent.

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