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The Last Edition Of Mercedes-Benz CGL 45 Royal By Carlsson Is For The Chinese Market


In order to woo the upper rich Chinese customers, luxury car manufacturers are taking no pains in order to customize special edition cars, which can be seen from the recent Beijing Auto Show where SUV’s, special edition and flashy cars were on display and as per the demand of special edition and bespoke cars in one of the world’s largest auto market, it was quite natural that the country would start having its own tuners that would create cars according to the specific needs of Chinese buyers. Now, a renowned German car refurbishing specialist in Mercedes-Benz cars, Carlsson has unveiled their latest models namely the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CGL 45 Royal Last Edition, which will only be available in China. The refurbishing company is also known for delivering one of the most exotic version of Mercedes along the lines of the arson Mercedes SL65 AMG C25 Royale.

This new upgrade kit meant for the German crossover will only be exclusively available in China, because a China-based car dealer known by the name of Zhongsheng Group Holdings Ltd has reportedly acquired 70% stake in Carlsson. And, it can be expected that it’ll only be a matter of time before we’ll report more about the China-exclusive tuning programs coming out of the German tuning firm.

As per the Carlsson’s CGL 45 program for the Mercedes-Benz’s full-size crossover SUV, the GL-Class, the 45 Royale Last Edition can accommodate up to 7 people. It also sports various components crafted out of finest-quality PUR-Rim plastic such as wider wheel arches and an exclusively new chrome radiator grille with mesh inserts. There is also an impressive lighting set-up that features LED daytime running lights on the front spoiler and a couple of double light units.

Beneath the hood of this full-size crossover SUV, the tuner gave a larger engine tuning to the CGL45 Royal Last Edition’s 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine thereby increasing the car’s output from 265hp to 310 hp. While, the 5.5 liter V8 model gets a new output of 435 horsepower.

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2012 Brabus Set To Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary Edition


Brabus is all set to celebrate its tenth anniversary of co-operation and it has developed a very special treat for its customers. Along with its familiar sportiness of smart-BRABUS models, this special edition, which is limited to 100 units, offers many exclusive highlights.

The anniversary model, which is being produced in a limited edition of 100 vehicles, is based on the current smart fortwo BRABUS model with a 75 kW (102 hp) and maximum torque of 147 Nm. It has an advanced speed of 155 km/h, sprints to 100 km/h in 8.9 seconds and offers driving pleasure as a standard feature.

Featured with tridion safety cell, body panels include the front grille and the door mirrors of the “10th anniversary” edition have been painted in liquid silver, as are the front spoiler and side skirts in the styling package. Further exterior accessories include titanium-colored headlamps and red BRABUS logos at the front and rear.

The interior look of the “10th anniversary” edition is featured with a black leather interior with high-quality hand stitching. The smaller parts are painted in an exclusive red and the contrast components and seat console come in black. Cruise control is regulated through the BRABUS sports steering wheel, and the starter button is integrated in the gear shift lever knob. A badge with the serial number (xx/100) focuses the viewer’s attention to the fact that this is a limited edition.

The equipment of the “10th anniversary” edition is orientated to the smart fortwo BRABUS and standard features include:

  • The comfort and light package
  • Heated seats
  • Electric power steering
  • LED daytime driving lights
  • Audio and navigation system and

BRABUS Mono block VII alloy wheels in matt grey.

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