Chrysler Has Dropped It’s Satisfaction Programs


As per today’s reports from Automotive News Larry Vellequette  said that Chrysler has detracted from its age old tradition and decades of work meaning that it has ended both incentives and punishments for dealers that do not provide higher customer satisfaction.

Chrysler still continues to do customer surveys by phone, email as well as by sending mystery shoppers. However, now the company will be just sending the data to its dealers and leave it to them to do the rest. Chrysler has been telling its dealers for decades that higher customer satisfaction will bring higher profits, they are now detracting from this age old tradition since they now believe that the only incentive for dealers to satisfy customers.

The company has also dropped penalties for dealerships who don’t build stores as per the specifications of the Dealer Standards program, which provided up to $200,000 per quarter to those dealerships who met preset levels of service and facilities. The company will continue maintaining its standards but without penalties for dealers who don’t meet them.

The company is going on training its dealers, and is retraining its zone reps to switch from enforcement to a consulting relationship. Mystery shoppers are being replaced from checklists to “feelings.”

Research has shown that Chrysler brands have done poorly in studies that measure dealer satisfaction for many years. Brands such as the Jeep, Ram, and Dodge have been placed near dead last in the 2011 J.D. Power sales satisfaction survey. The current program has been created by the Chrysler National Dealer Council.

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