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Buying a Corvette

Corvette 2013

The Corvette Blog is the first Blog to provide a complete list of current restricted items when ordering 2013 Corvettes this week that will be built between 17th – 20th September, 2012.

The 28U Inferno Red model is on Material Restriction for a period greater than 4 weeks which is a Build-out Restriction, meaning that you will no longer be able to order the.

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Cadillac Flagship All Set To Get The Green Light

Cadillac Cars

Reports say that the Cadillac is all set to produce a new flagship sedan. Unconfirmed reports have indicated that General Motors has given the go-ahead to counter the German luxury manufacturers in many segments. A Word is going on that the machine will be built on a rear-wheel drive chassis so as to attract BMW 7 Series buyers and will likely make its debut sometime around 2015.

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National Festival To Begin From 19th August 2012

BMW Cars

The official BMW Car Club GB will be celebrating its 60th anniversary on 19th August 2012.  The Club, which provides products services and events in order to enhance the enjoyment, value and experience to its members achieve from the sale of their cars, are planning to hold a number of events in order to help celebrate this landmark achievement.

One such event to feature will be the first UK Z-Fest. The Club will be holding an event for 500 Zeds at Silverstone Classic from 20 – 22 July, with the main event being held on Saturday the 21st July. Zed specialists and other awesome attractions will be on display. However, the main highlight of the day will be a parade lap of the GP circuit for all the assembled Zeds.

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Bentley Continental Flying Spur – Potent Luxury Car

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

A new Flying Spur model will complete the Bentley Continental family’s new look range of cars when it’s launched late next year. Testing has begun in southern Europe and this engineering marvel is well disguised to hide the new Spur’s near production-ready bodywork.

Similar to the revamped Continental GT coupé and GTC convertible, the new Flying Spur is based on a revised version of the current platform which is draped in a fresh bodywork and finished with a new and upgraded interior.

Although its predecessor makes the new version appear shorter and taller it is sitting on the same wheelbase as today’s car, with similar overall dimensions.

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Updated Audi RS5 Coupe Makes It Debut In Australia


The all new Audi RS5 Coupe has finally landed in Australia where it has a starting price of AUD $161,400. This model is the same normally aspirated V8 4.2-liter FSI engine that delivers 444 hp (331 kW / 450 PS) at 8,250 rpm and a peak torque of 317 lb.-ft. (430 Nm) available between 4,000 rpm and 6,000 rpm. When compared to the model it replaces, the new version of the RS5 Coupe consumes 0.3 liters / 100 km less fuel, hence fuel consumption is rated at 10.5 liters / 100 km.

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