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US Auto Retail Market is Going Upscale!!!


In the United States the graph of Auto sales has gone up due to the auto sales. Since June 2012 the automobile market has performed better than the other goods and comparatively had a better sold out to reflect high points on the economy. This report came out from the economists of US.

They percentage of profit was estimated as 0.2 percent and this would follow a decline in May of around 0.2 percent according to the median forecast. This median forecast was done by the group of seventy two surveyed by Bloomberg News ahead of the Commerce Department figures Monday. Other data may show the cost of living was little changed and manufacturing accelerated. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will talk on the viewpoint for growth when he states before Congress this week and may point at strategies that can be taken to recover the growth.

Receipts at merchants other than auto dealers were probably little changed as a weakening job market sapped household confidence and income needed to boost expenditures.

A better position for economy has been proved through the auto sales as the Americans are more wished-for to replace their old fur wheelers to a new one. Cars and light trucks sold at a 14.1-million annual rate in June, up from May’s 13.7 million that was the weakest pace of the year, Ward’s Automotive Group data show. General Motors, Ford and Chrysler reported sales that topped analysts’ estimations, helping the industry beatforecasts and stay on pace for the best year of Auto sales since the year 2007.

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BMW Installing Voice Control in Some its Models

BMW 760Li-wallpaper

The renowned German Automobile honcho BMW has announced that it’s going to set up a voice controlin some of its cars. It is based of Nuance’s Dragon Drive Technology which will be installed in some of their luxury 7 series and 3 series car Models. The work is going to commence in this summer. The service of this facility will come with a smartphone to access with the driver.

The ‘Dragon Drive’ is going to be an awesome facility to be provided to the driver as it will respond to all the text messages and emails in terms of speaking, editing, answering and listening. This will be a complete PC on the dashboard of the car. There will be commands given on the system which will enable the driver to add a new paragraph or line, format the emails and even dictating the required punctuation marks. The driver will also be able to call any of his/her contacts and direct to any address.

Apparently, as these facilities are somehow get familiar with the Apple’s Siri Virtual Personal Assistant program. BMW has kept the system only on voice controlling factor as the driver has to keep his/her steering wheel in sight but on the contrary this process is out of law when it comes to road safety.

BMW has a knack of joining mobile companies with its cars as previously it had done a merger with Blackberry Motion. This was that certain Blackberry model user will be capable of answering their text messages and emails if they are driving BMW car compatible with that particular phone. But, this service excluded the voice dictation facility.

Being the up-to-date service provider of this facility BMW has previously installed a library of more than 10,000 voice commands in its My Ford and My Ford Touch Models.

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